Environmental Waste Management

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We Offer

  • Pre-Disposal Analytical Work (Waste Characterization Analysis)
  • Lab Packing and Waste Consolidation/Packaging Projects
  • On-Site Pre-Transportation Packaging
  • Labeling/Manifesting
  • Drum and Bulk Shipments
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Programs (training, packaging, transportation and disposal)
  • Bio Infectious Programs (training, packaging, transportation and disposal)
  • Beneficial Reuse/Recycling
  • Universal Waste Transportation and Recycling
  • D.O.T. UN Approved Replacement Containers

As one of the upcoming environmental companies on the East Coast, SSLLC’s has the superior knowledge of the regulations and the permitted facilities that accept various types of waste materials, which is priceless.  SSLLC represents nearly 60 years of experience and knowledge from its founders alone!  We can sample, characterize, profile, and provide a large variety of disposal and transportation options to fit your specific costs and needs.

Tank Cleaning and Removal Services

Sioux Services LLC (SSLLC) understands that tanks can pose extremely harsh environments and safety hazards. To assist in reducing or eliminating these risks, SSLLC’s follows confined space regulatory protocol, has detailed planning, safety protocols, and has a full experienced team of trained technicians to clean your tanks.
We service numerous industries, municipalities and utility companies, and are equipped to handle a large spectrum of cleaning from small acid neutralization tanks for medical and biotechnology companies to larger fuel oil, acid tanks.

  • Neutralization pit clean-out and repacking
  • Frack tank cleaning
  • Fuel oil tank cleaning
  • Utility manhole and vault cleaning
  • Acid dip tanks
  • Product storage tanks
  • In addition, Sioux Services LLC (SSLLC) can provide underground storage tank cleaning/removal/closure report for various types of tanks.
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Lab Pack Services

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Laboratories, healthcare facilities, schools, manufacturers, business campuses, and warehouses periodically accumulate chemicals in work, lab, or storage areas. These chemicals occupy valuable space and threaten safety.

Our professional lab pack services help you clear out and safely manage outdated, contaminated, leaking, or unidentified chemicals. This creates more usable space in overcrowded areas, protecting people and reducing your business risk.
Our lab packing technicians/programs remove hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals such as:

  • Acids, bases, and reagents
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning and disinfecting agents
  • Inks, dyes, paints, paint thinners, and varnish strippers
  • Asphalt repair products
  • Pool chemicals
  • Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Sioux Services LLC handles lab packing consolidation projects from commencement to completion:

  • Trained field chemists review and categorize the inventory of the materials to be packed/consolidated/disposed
  • Chemically compatible materials are collected, identified and packaged together
  • Chemicals are profiled, labeled and manifested by SSLLC
  • All materials are transported in DOT approved containers to a Permitted Disposal Facility
  • We are dedicated to providing our client’s with the safest, most effective and most economical method for managing your lab pack materials
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