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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Electronic Manifest System (e-manifest)


While, the disposal facilities that Sioux Services LLC utilizes have migrated to the electronic manifest system, they understand that many generators and transporters have not completed their registration process.  So the facilities will continue to return completed manifests to generators in the same manor that they were received prior to June 30th – electronically or physical copy.

Your manifests are being uploaded to the e-manifest system weekly.  Once you complete your registration you can download your electronic copies from the e-manifest system.

The fee per manifest will be $15.00 to pay the associated federal fee to the EPA and the cost for development, hardware, implementation and maintenance of the e-manifest system to our facilities.


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Hello world!

Hello All:

NOW is the time to begin thinking about and planning your facility Cleaning.

Keep Our World Safe and Clean!

Business tends to increase most frequently during the Spring and Summer months. Planning early, preparing your check list, and scheduling your hazardous waste needs promptly, will guarantee you don’t get held up during crunch time.

Sioux Services, LLC is a leader in the Waste Management Industry. We offer outstanding services to both government and private sectors with technically sound, cost-effective and timely solutions for today’s complex challenges.

We put our clients first to ensure they receive professional service from the initial conversation and quote through project completion. We want you to have an efficient and safe hazardous waste management program.

We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to offer economical solutions for the following services (but not limited to):

    • RCRA Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal
    • Lab Packing Hazardous & Non-Hazardous
    • On-site Sampling & Analysis, Waste Characterization, Lab packing
    • Training for EPA, OSHA & DOT compliance
    • Pharmaceutical Waste Management Programs (our new program)
    • Laboratory Waste
    • Regulated Medical Waste Classification
    • Universal Waste Recycling

To demonstrate a complete project analysis our staff will be available to review your hazardous waste management practices, offer suggestions, and answer questions.

Please give me a call with any questions at 866-577-1824 or via e-mail for a free quotation of your hazardous materials at: or


Kandy M. Miller-Boyer


Certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification No. 120131 Sioux;

Small Business Self-Certification No. 331002-2013-04-S; DBE Certification No. 13654;

EPA ID No. PAR545178; PA Transporter License No. PA-AH0816 & PA-HC0258;

DE Transporter License No. DE-HW-0629; Certification Maryland DOT No. 15-631;

City of Philadelphia Certified Office of Equal Opportunity

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